Domestic Violence

One of the common abuse that is being doneĀ is domestic violence. It is not the case in the United States alone but all throughout the world. It does not depend on the social status or economic status as it can occur anywhere. That is why it is important that you know what are the measures that you could do so that you can cope up with the abuse. As there is a different reason why one should endure a domestic abuse, the measures are important.

One of the measures you should do is to put away tools or materials that could be used. Example of it is gun and knives and other materials. They could be deadly and they could be used against you. If it will result in more abuse then make them not easy to access. That is why it is related to the measure of not going into the kitchen when abuse is imminent because of the knives presence or even in the CR as the surfaces are hard. It is best if you will analyze the places where you can hide when abuse would be done.

It is also recommended that you set an emergency code you can use to call for help. If you can hide a cellphone you can use then it is better. If you feel that your abuser would again attack you, leave if you can the house. That is why it is also good to always have some gas on your car so you could use it anytime. When you park it, back the car into the driveway so you can leave sooner.