Reasons why There is Teenage Pregnancy

Why is there a teenage pregnancy? When we see the world statistics for teenage pregnancy, we can see that teenage pregnancy is common among all nations. There are few countries where teenage pregnancy is not a problem such as Korea. This is because as they developed, they tend to bear a child which they can raise with their utmost effort. So 1 or 2 is enough. Though there is no teenage pregnancy, this does not mean they haven’t have any sexual relationship. How easy it is to control child birth!

Here are the reasons why there is teenage pregnancy.

1. Lack of Future Goal

Everyone pass through this stage. Let us imagine that there are 10 poor teenagers and 10 rich teenagers aging 15-19 in a village. Some of the poor will be pregnant and some of the rich will be pregnant. Wealth does not determine your future. Some of the poor focused on finishing their studies and some of the rich do so.

2. Lack of Parental Guidance

Parents are too needed in this age and must be able to secure life. The behavior of your children depends on how you raised your children by the help of parents. Your work will become more easy having baby in your life. And to enjoy more freely your life, you can travel wherever you want. Just make sure you have your visa and passport with you from this agency, see this site link 泰雅旅遊. They will help you organize your papers.

3. Lack of Priority Determination

Students do not actually see their priority. Sometimes, they just go on with the flow while some dream and distinguish which is more important in every choices. There are not many people who think of doing things for their own future.

4. Strong Desire for Lust

Lust is the reason why teenagers get pregnant so easily. They do not distinguish love from lust. They think that bed relationship is the fulfillment of love. Have a travel for more romantic experience. Let this agency to help you 辦台胞證費用. And this is all because of IMMATURITY.