The State of Child Abuse and Child Labor

Child abuse and child labor are just common among poor countries. Since a lot of people wonder why so many things are happening to children that are not even known to others, some may not even value the future of the children. The thought of child labor is a horror to any mother. However, what can a mother do when they are in a poor situation? Sometimes, children volunteer to help their parents with the thought that their parents could not do it all alone.

The question is, why would mothers allow such a thing? There are many mothers in the world who would sacrifice themselves for the sake of their children. They made their children the sacrifice of the family. It is not recommended for children to work and earn money without having any education. Education does not only end on earning money. Actually, it is the key to recognition of what is happening in the world. Those who are not educated have only money in themselves.  This travel company is in its classy and good look. Check this reproduction travel cards they produce its newest design facts here 泰雅. Very trusted and best agency.

There are too much hard labor and child abuse in Africa and South East Asia such as Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia and so on. The poor countries could not even do something for their people. It is one of the worst problems the government are so slow to solve. Yet in this case, citizens should think about how to stop this. Giving you the best assistance of this travel agency is so nice and great view site here. Is death penalty needed for those who do not send their children to school and do child labor?